Jun 13 2023
The Futures Arena – Our Multiplier Event in Finland

The Futures Arena – Our Multiplier Event in Finland

On the 3rd of May 2023, our second Ecolah Multiplier Event was realized in Helsinki, Finland, organized by the Metropolia University of Applied Sciences. The event was designed with two goals: The first one was raising awareness of the ECOLAH project and its first results, and the second goal was to engage and co-create with participants new ways of navigating complexity in learning, research, development, and innovation (RDI) under a future-perspective. 

Our so-called Futures Arena took plade in a hybrid event format and it brought together 56 participants from Finland, Kosovo, Germany, Norway and Portugal. Throughout the event, we witnessed a display of transdisciplinary expertise, collaboration, and a shared commitment to exploring new perspectives on sustainable well-being. 

A highlight of the event were several “futures dialogues” during which collaboration for sustainable well-being and learning aswell as co-creating in digital spaces was discussed, plus our Japanese Garden workshop that focused on co-creating landscapes for future learning and collaboration.