Complex Adaptive Systems (CAS)
This course aims to become sensitive for patterns of interactions within health agents, and between agents and the environment. It influences system-level outcomes. It covers topics like the Cynefin framework, social complexity, and systems theory adapted to health.


Why is it needed?

Historically, health is based on machine thinking of diagnose-intervention and linear causal relations.

Today, we are aware that the context, its interaction, and the purpose of the whole system is in development (Greenhalgh 2018).

Therefore, the performative knowledge of complex adaptive systems is urgent in health. We need to learn to navigate situative between different paradigms.

How to use the course?

The course is EQF referenced with 1 to 2 ECTS.

The target groups are health educators and health curriculum developers who update or develop health curricula.

The (content of the) course can be transferred into formal and non-formal health education, inside and outside higher education structures.

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